We offer professional advice and services on:

  • Pre-hospital care, (Industrial, Ambulance, Paramilitary Corps, Paramedics, Doctors)
  • Civil Emergency Planning and Disaster Preparedness,
  • Clinical Governance: Strategic and Operational
  • Advanced Life Support Training for Clinicians
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support
  • Medical School Education and Administration
  • Emergency Care in the hospital environment
  • Overseas Expert sourcing on-demand to Nigeria
  • Patient Repatriation from Nigeria
  • Tele-Medicine: Consultations and Diagnostics



Our Goals……..

We have a group of dedicated and highly trained professionals in the field of medicine.

Our goals are to:

  • Assess existing pre-hospital facilities including Ambulance services and Ambulance crew capabilities
  • Appraise the frontline Emergency and Pre-hospital clinicians, undertake a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and recommend appropriate further training
  • Assess the Emergency Room facilities at specified Hospitals and provide a written report to the Chief Medical Director or equivalent officer on findings and recommendations
  • Assess the Hospital’s Disaster Preparedness in accordance with local requirements (e.g. NEMA) and WHO recommendations
  • Appraise the Clinical Governance arrangements in place in the Emergency Department / the Hospital and provide a report to the Chief Medical Director or equivalent officer.



Our Solutions……

We will provide where necessary

  • Recommendations on Ambulance vehicular specifications, staffing and equipping.
  • Certified training in courses aimed at Recognition & Treatment of Life-threatening Conditions (e.g. ALERT & ALARM courses)
  • Certificated training in Basic Life Support
  • Certificated training in Trauma and Cardiac Life Support to frontline clinicians
  • Protocol based clinical care for specific ailments.
  • Direct on-the-floor training and medical provision in hospital emergency rooms for specified periods of time.
  • Clinical governance training to all/specified senior personnel in the hospital
  • Ambulance crew training in pre-hospital patient management and transfer
  • Disaster preparedness training to the senior medical staff with the provision of templates for disaster management and response
  • Review, Revise or Devise an Emergency Response Plan for the Hospital(s) or for the political State in general.
  • Establishment of a life support training facility at specified Hospitals or sites as directed by the State Officials.